The committees are working groups of the Board of Representatives. According to the Board’s statutes, the committees are mandated to prepare the guidelines and business that the BR needs to decide upon. They can also make proposals, which the BR can adopt as resolutions.

Although the committees may only make proposals, their suggestions have contributed to improving the work of the community. For example, in 2007, the School Committee proposed changing the school lunch serving-process into a buffet-style service, which was successfully implemented in the summer of 2008.

The following committees must be voted on, according to the board’s by-laws. Each is supported by a qualified department head:

  • The Steering, Legal and Personnel Committee (Department Head: Dr. Gideon Joffe) checks the policies and regulations which may need to be adjusted within the Jewish community, such as the retirement schemes of the community’s employees.
  • The Finance and Revenue Committee (Department Head: Edward Datel) determines ways to increase the Jewish community’s revenues and cut costs.
  • The Religious Affairs Committee (Department Head: Boris Braun) has, for example, proposed new cemetery regulations, and ensured proper recognition of people of all nations who fought against the Nazis.
  • The Integration Committee (Department Head: Milena Winter) has approved a new concept for integration. The Welfare Committee (Department Head: Lala Süsskind) has been tackling the challenges surrounding the establishment of the new Hermann Strauss Nursing Home.
  • The Culture Committee (Department Head: Jewgenij Gamal) is currently working on preparations for the 2009 edition of the Jüdische Kulturtage (Jewish Culture Days) as well as the reorganisation of the Jewish Adult Education Centre (Jüdischen Volkshochschule).
  • The Youth and Education Committee (Department Head: Leonid Golzmann) has made it its priority to breathe new life into the Youth Centre.
  • The School Committee (Department Head: Carola Melchert-Arlt) focuses on improving the community’s kindergarten, the Heinz Galinski School and the Jewish Secondary School. Countering the shortage of space at the Jewish Secondary School has been given priority.

Committee members are elected by the representatives at the beginning of each legislative term.

Currently, each committee is made up of eight regular and three deputy committee members.

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