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Konzert: Vokales Ensemble Ranot aus Israel

SU 04.07.

start: 20:00
organisers: Other

Location: evangelical Paulus-Church Tempelhof

Götzstr. 24 a, 12101 Berlin



 Vocal ensamble Ranot (scriptural hebrew name, leronen = to sing)

The ensamble was braught into being at 1992 in the south of Israel in the region of Eilot - Eilat by Gideon Efrati (director, composer, preformer, pianist, organ player, musician and singer). The preformers are singers of the kibbuzim of the area: Gerfit, Ketura, Lotan, Samar, Shacharut and Yotveta.

The chorus became one of the most acclaimed chorus of Israel. The repertoire comprises classic compositions, jewish - litugical music, church music, folk music, songs of old jewish tradition and songs from whole world, Gospel, and Jazz, own copositions of Gideon Efrati and modern israeli songs in art arrangements and preformence. Singing in origin laguages: hebrew, jiddish, yemenitic, bukhori, ladino, english, german and latin.

Also the members of the Chorus reflect the many-faceted cultur and origin of the jews living in Israel. The concerts are charcterized by authencity, humor, humanity and deep relation to the roots of origin accompanied by tolerance and openness to all people. The concerts want to contribute for understanding between nations and relgions. There already been many concerts in Israel, Europe and north America and recordings for radio and TV.

The chorus counts today 27 singers:

Rachel Alany, Schlomit Aloni , Dani Barselai , Nurit  Beeri, Anat ben-Josef , Amit ben- Zion ,Alex Cicelsky, Adam Cicelsky , Ronit Debowy ,Rick Eden ,  Ilee Eschachar , Idit  Garfunkel , Maria Gadnaor , Rachel Gordin , Sarai Harris,  Jake Halperin , Caroll Hoffmann, Lior Kaspy , Daniela Nir , Jeff Rosenzweig  , Racheli Roga , David Schoneveld , Bill Slot , Janai Schlomi , Schaki Vinocur , Ascher Whitmann , Vered Ziv

Director Piano and organ player: Gideon Efrati

Percussion: Mike Harris

Manager : Schlomo Pitom

Scenery and choreography: Iris Lana

Konzert: Vokales Ensemble Ranot aus Israel - 1Konzert: Vokales Ensemble Ranot aus Israel - 2