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TEFILLAH und SHIRAH - Prayer and song

SU 27.06.

start: 16:00
organisers: Jewish Community to Berlin

Cantor concert

The jewisch institute of Cantorial Arts presents its new concert programm TEFILAH and SHIRAH (prayer and song) wich combines a sequence of varied synagogue cantos jiddish and hebrew songs.

This traditional jewish music will be presented by talented young singers, who already are acclaimed on opera and concert stages in many countries, and now study the skill of synagogue cantos at the institute of cantorial arts.

The audiance can expect excellent singing quality and faithful style of interpretation of jewisch music masterpieces.

The reknowed pianist and director of the jewish  Institute of Cantorial Arts, Dr. Jascha Nemtsov, will accompany tye concert with lively descriptions.

The concert series will be featured in cooperation of the jewish institute of cantoral arts, the jewish adult education center and the cultural department of the jewish community of Berlin.

Entrence:  8,00 € / 5,00 €


Jewish Adult Education Center


TEFILLAH und SHIRAH - Prayer and song


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