Construction and Property Department

The Construction and Property Department is one of the most important operative departments of the community. Aside from managing the community’s properties, it must organise and coordinate building projects financed by the community or through public grants.

In Berlin alone, the Construction and Property Department manages more than 20 properties, synagogues, schools, pre-schools, cemeteries, etc. It also manages an additional 50 properties throughout Germany. The only properties managed by an external company are the community’s more than 400 residential apartments.

All repairs and maintenance of the community’s properties are taken care of carefully and quickly.

The department’s work also encompasses occupational safety, health and fire protection, as mandated by the Jewish community as well as by local and federal regulations.

All insurance policies contracted by the Jewish community, whether they be personal, automotive, building, etc. also are managed by the Construction and Property Department.

For larger building projects, applications for funds, planning and coordination are accomplished jointly with architectural firms.

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Bau- und Grundstücksabteilung

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