Jewish Adult Education Centre (Jüdische Volkshochschule)

The Jewish Adult Education Centre is a one-of-a-kind institution in Germany. Opening in 1962, it is the successor of the Free Jewish Adult Education Centre (Freien Jüdischen Volkshochschule) founded in 1919. Along with the Jewish Community Library, it was part of Heinz Galinski’s master plan to create an open community centre where Jews and non-Jews alike could freely learn more about Judaism – catering to a growing public interest in Jewish themes.

The goal of the education centre was to respond to the public’s interest not only in Jewish themes but in Israel as well. The centre was to become a meeting place irrespective of a participants’ religion. But the Jewish Adult Education Centre also was to provide a place where members of the Jewish community could learn more intensely and refresh their faded knowledge, as well as gain new perspectives through debating with others about values and goals.

Three times a year, the Jewish Adult Education Centre offers a fresh programme. Programmes include lectures, author-readings, special events and courses. Each is conducted by experts known for their ability to transmit the Jewish tradition of learning so deeply rooted in Jewish life. Jewish identity is best expressed through increased knowledge of Jewish religion, philosophy, history and culture. It is not uncommon to find that many of the programmes offered are jointly organised by other prominent Berlin cultural institutions.

Yiddish, Hebrew as well as courses on Jewish culture (religion, music, and dance) are taught in 10-week cycles. These classes also have many fans among non-Jewish Berliners.

Several levels of German as a foreign language (DAF) are offered. Instruction is primarily intended for Russian-speaking immigrants. The main purpose of the course is to prepare qualified immigrants for the citizenship test as well as for the European Union recognised DAF certification.


Programmes at the Jewish Adult Education Centre are open to everyone. Programme catalogues are regularly published and made available at the beginning of January, May and October. You will find them at the Jewish Community Centre, on Fasanenstrasse, and at Oranienburger Strasse 29. In order to receive the catalogue by mail, a request must be made in writing.

The programme for the latest semester may be downloaded here.

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