Jewish culture in Berlin

Here you will find an overview of the most important organisers of Jewish cultural events in Berlin.

Some examples:

  • In addition to its permanent exhibition, the Jewish Museum of Berlin offers special exhibitions, children's programming and more.
  • The Stiftung Neue Synagoge - Centrum Judaicum was founded in 1988. In addition to tours of its permanent exhibition, the foundation also organises special exhibitions, including some in the neighbourhood surrounding the synagogue, which houses the foundation.
  • The Berlin-Potsdam chapter of the German-Israel Society (Deutsch-Israelischer Gesellschaft e.V.) offers a place where friends of Israel can gather on a non-partisan basis and express solidarity with the State of Israel and its people. The DIG organises participation in demonstrations, street-festivals and public events, providing an outlet for views not usually heard in public. Each month, the society organises approximately three discussions on political topics or themes related to Israeli and/or Jewish culture.
  • The Berlin chapter of the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation (Gesellschaft für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit in Berlin e.V.) was founded in 1949. It aims to promote dialogue as a means of fostering understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians.
  • The purpose of the Berlin chapter of the American Jewish Committee in Berlin is to lobby for democracy, the rule of law, pluralism and mutual respect beyond ethnic, religious and national lines. The Berlin office opened in 1998. It is the first Jewish-American organisation to have opened a representative office in Germany following German reunification.
  • Touro College Berlin is an accredited Jewish-American college. It offers a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and administration as well as a Master of Arts in Holocaust communication and tolerance.




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