Education and Training Department

The Education and Training Department and associated Office of Youth Affairs incorporates the entire field of both Jewish schools (the Heinz-Galinski School and Jewish High School) as well as the kindergarten at Delbrückstrasse and the Jewish Continuing Education Programme.
The Office of Youth Affairs handles such issues as conclusion of school and kindergarten contracts, adjustment of fees when necessary, and tending to the related bookkeeping. It is also the first point of contact for a pupil’s legal guardian. Parents are greatly appreciative of our open door, where they can get advice and assistance regarding problems large and small.

At their meeting on May 13, 2009 the Jewish Community Board of Representatives signed off on the community’s adjusted school monetary system. For information about that system, click here.

Further information about our schools and day schools may be found under “Service.”


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Dezernat für Bildung und Jugend

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