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How large are the classes?
The maximum class size is 24 pupils.

Are there tutors / chaperones in the classrooms?
A tutor / chaperone accompanies pupils during study periods and free time.

How long is a school day?
Our school is open from 8 am to 15:30 (3:30 pm). There is also a free after-school program through 18:00 (6 pm).

Is there a school holiday programme?
We offer a three-week summer holiday programme.

Is the Heinz-Galinski school open to children of other religions or to those with no religious affiliation at all?
Our school is open to all children. Every child adds something special to our school and student body.

Is it possible for my child to transfer from another school to the Heinz-Galinski school without knowing Hebrew?
We treat each situation individually, and offer remedial tutoring when needed.

What is the makeup of the teaching staff?
Our staff consists of both Jewish and non-Jewish educators. All Jewish studies and Hebrew language courses are taught by Jewish educators.

What does tuition cost?
Tuition fees are based on the annual income of a child’s parents or guardian. To that end, the Youth Promotion Department solicits your tax report from the Federal Tax Office. The Youth Promotion Department establishes its fee scale based on the school monetary system. You can see the fee scale here. An additional required fee of 42 euro per child covers the cost of lunch.

Which languages are used in the classrooms?
German is used for everyday lessons. Hebrew and English are taught from the first year onward.

How does the school bus system work?
A bus service is available to our pupils for a fee; the bus brings them to school and back home again at the end of the school day. Bus routes are planned by the Jewish community’s Education and Training Department together with the bus company. Every effort is made to ensure that no child has to walk more than 0.8 km from the bus stop to his or her home. In addition, the Berlin city bus M19 stops twice each morning at a bus shelter near the school, and twice again every afternoon. Information about routes, schedules and bus stops are available from the school administrative office.

The bus fee is 95 Euro per month and must be paid in advance to cover 12 months. The fee is reduced if paid half a year in advance. Siblings are assessed a lower fee.

Where can I park?
It is possible to use the free parking lot at Mommsenstadium (about three minute’s walk from the school).

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