“Here in Grunewald, a Jewish heart is beating!” This is how one mother described the place where she had begun her own school years – and the only place she would consider for her own children, when it comes to providing a warm-hearted Jewish education.

The Kindergarten of the Jewish Community of Berlin is located at Delbrückstrasse 8, in Berlin’s Grunewald district. It includes a garden and full-fledged playground with slides, sandboxes, swings and even a much-loved water-playstation

Providing children with a Jewish education is the kindergarten’s primary goal. This includes observance of Jewish holidays, provision of kosher meals and instruction in the Hebrew language (from the age of four). The kindergarten is also a centre for integration. Because of the children’s diverse backgrounds (many originating from immigrant families), emphasis is placed heavily on German language instruction. Two language teachers work with the toddlers in small groups. Not only are the teachers experienced in finding playful ways to teach the children much-needed language skills; they have also introduced the use of language-learning-diaries as a means of following the children’s progress.

The kindergarten upholds the requirements mandated by the school board of the State of Berlin. Alongside the state-regulated curricula, the kindergarten also offers many extracurricular activities. These consist of special-project weeks, early education in music and gymnastics, as well as computer education – which include the use of digital cameras and other media. Children are also given ample time for handicrafts, painting and working with clay. As the kindergarten has its own kiln, it is also possible to do pottery.

We also absorb toddlers from the age of 8 months into a separate effectionately equipped area  for children under three years, where they will be stimulated appropriate to their age.  Mini-busses are available for field trips. Many of the older children use Berlin public transport to reach the kindergarten, which is easily accessible with the following busses: M19, M29, X10 and 110. 



If you would like to enrol your child in the kindergarten, please note the basic requirement that at least one parent be a registered member of the Jewish Community of Berlin. A PDF version of the pre-registration form is available to download.

The Youth Welfare Office registration form for day care programmes for children is available here.

The pre-registration forms may also be filled out and left at the community’s service centre desk, at Fasanenstrasse 79-80. A service centre representative will be able to arrange an appointment for you with kindergarten staff. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the kindergarten as well as to introduce your child to the staff.



Address & Contact

Kindertagesstätte der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Berlin

Tel.: (0 30) 89 16 7 48
Fax: (0 30) 89 40 84 93



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