Finance Department

All activities of the community involve income and expenditures. To manage the finances of the community, budgets must be planned, bookkeeping done and expenses controlled.

The Jewish Community of Berlin draws up its financial balance sheet according to the calendar year. An auditor is responsible for filing the report. The community recently instituted a dunning procedure in order manage collection of outstanding membership fees.

The head of the Finance Department is a member of the board of the Jewish community, whose main tasks are to supervise the community’s financial business, to ensure that all regulations are maintained, to decide on allotment of funds and to enforce regulations.


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Oranienburger Str. 31 (3. Etage)
10117 Berlin
Fax: (0 30) 88 02 8-180


Frau Akdeniz (0 30) 88 02 8-160


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