Executive Board

The basis and starting point for the work of the Executive Board is the constructive cooperation between employees and committees or departments of the Jewish Community of Berlin.

The Jewish Community of Berlin is a religious community, and is thus bound to represent members of the Jewish community in matters related to staff. The aim is to ensure the preservation and development of the Berlin Jewish Community, which dates back more than 300 years, in areas of religion, tradition, moral values and culture. Every employee of the Jewish Community of Berlin is duty bound to preserve and uphold these values.

The Executive Board has seven members and four associates. Each administrative department is to have a representative on the Executive Board, elected by a staff association, for a period of four years.

All adult employees who have been members in the Jewish community for at least six months may vote.

Certain positions are not elected, but rather appointed: the heads of the general administration, personnel department, religious affairs functionaries and religion teachers (according to § 6), as well as the head of the service department.

Those who are eligible to vote may nominate candidates for election to the Executive Board. Every such recommendation must be accompanied by signatures of at least ten employees. No staff member may endorse more than one candidate. Before an election, a list with nominations must be presented. This becomes the final list of candidates for election to the Executive Board. Each of them must introduce him or herself at an assembly of employers, organized by the head of the personnel department. The election itself takes place in the various offices on one day, using concealed ballots. The seven employees with the most votes are elected to the board. The next four on the list become associates.                          

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