Haus "Leo Baeck" (retirement home)

This apartment complex is located opposite the Lietzensee Lake, in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district.  Residents live independently in their own flats yet have access to a welfare centre in moments of need. Seventy-one residents live in flats ranging in size between 40 and 56 square metres, divided among seven floors.  Each resident may live out his or her Jewish traditions independently. The residence also has its own fully functioning synagogue, whose prayer services are open to the public. 

The building opened its doors in 1980. It was named in honour of Leo Baeck (of blessed memory) (1873 – 1956), one of Germany’s most renowned rabbis and religious scholars. He was also one of the world’s leading representatives of Liberal Judaism. Several colleges and other organisations are named after him.

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Address & Contact

Haus Leo Baeck / Seniorenzentrum

Herbartstrasse 26
14057 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 326 95 95 015

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