Most synagogal musicians today still harken back to the golden age of the mid-19th century in Central Europe, especially Germany. One name has become a synonym for the German origins of Jewish liturgical music: The Berlin cantor and composer Louis Lewandowski. Like many of his fellow cantors, Lewandowski was influenced by the then-popular late-Romantic European music in his compositions for the synagogue. His most important innovation was the introduction of the organ; however this was only used in some of the liberal or egalitarian services.

The following cantors serve in our synagogues today:

  • Cantor Shlomo Braun - Joachimstaler Str. Synagogue (exclusively)
  • Cantor Isaac Sheffer - Pestalozzistr., Fraenkelufer and Rykestr. synagogues
  • Cantor Oljean Ingster - Rykestr. Synagogue (exclusively)
  • Cantor Jochen Fahlenkamp - Rykestr. and Fraenkelufer synagogues
  • Cantor Simon Zkorenblut - Pestalozzistr., Fraenkelufer and Rykestr. synagogues
  • Cantor Abraham Daus - Passauer Str. Synagogue
  • Cantor Alexander Nachama - Herbartstr. Synagogue
  • Cantor Avitall Gerstetter - Oranienburger Str. Synagogue

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