Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue

liberal with choir and organ

The Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue is one of the liberal synagogues of the Jewish Community of Berlin. Religious services include organ music and a mixed choir. But men and women sit apart – the side and upper galleries are reserved entirely for women. Worship follows the minhag hamakom, or local tradition. Congregants developed their own customs over recent decades. Almost all prayers are sung. The order of the prayer service alternates responsively between worshippers and the chazzan – with support from the choir. Louis Lewandowski composed most of the melodies used in the service today. Recitation of the most important prayers and blessings is done in unison, while standing. However, there are also silent, individual prayers.

Programmes offered by the synagogue:

  • Bar and bat mitzvah for youths and adults
  • Misheberach – prayer for the recovery of good health.
  • Brit milah – circumcision for adult men
  • Yiskor/kaddish
  • Shiurim courses
  • Weekday minyan
  • Chuppa/weddings

This is one of the few pre-war synagogues still in use today. Located in the Charlottenburg district, its construction began in 1911 and ended in 1912. The structure was commissioned by Betty Sophie Jacobsohn, a local businesswoman. Ernst Dorn designed the courtyard structure, which can seat 1,400 people. The synagogue was originally constituted as an independent Jewish association, which eventually voted to merge with the Jewish Community of Berlin in 1919.

The building suffered major damage during the pogrom of November 9, 1938. However, because if its location within a courtyard, in close proximity to other buildings, it was not set ablaze. Renovation began immediately following the war. In September 1947, a fledgling Jewish community rededicated the building, which has been used for liberal prayer services ever since.

Source: "Jüdische Orte in Berlin", Andreas Nachama und Ulrich Eckhardt
Copyright by Nicolai Verlag

Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue organist

Regina Yantian began her studies as organist and choir director when she was only 15. She studied comparative music and Jewish studies in Heidelberg, Jerusalem and Berlin, focusing her attention on the different directions that Jewish music has taken. Since 1998, she has been organist and choir director of the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue, located in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district.


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Address & Contact

Synagoge Pestalozzistraße

Pestalozzistr. 12-14
10625 Berlin


Kabbalat Schabbat

Winter 18:00

Sommer 19:00

Schabbat Schacharit

ganzjährig 9:30

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